Woodruff 's Auction House

 Woodruff 's Auction And Wholesale House.

 Located at L938 State Route 108 Napoleon, Ohio 43545.

 We are on the corner of State Route 108 and county road M.

 We are in the Blues Commerce Park.

 NEW hours for wholesale purchases are 11 am to 6 pm Thursday and Friday and Sat 11 am to 5 pm.

 Our first on site Auction was  Thursday Novmember 21st. It was well attended. We thank all who came out and bid.

 We are now ready for our third auction.

 NEXT auction will be Saturday April 12th at 1 pm.




 Check out our pictures on facebook at: Woodruffauctionhouse.

 Phone number 419-576-7635.




 Opened September 15th of 2013. Before we could get the three loads of online returns opened people started buying from the wholesale shop. We have gotten in THREE more truckloads and are approaching our first sale. We are thankfull for the great start.

 We are there alot in the evenings putting items together. If you see the lights on and the sign out by the road you are welcome to come in and browse around. We have rows and rows of items for sale. You can call for a week night appointment also.


 First auction was a hugh sucess.

 Thanks to all who came out.



About Us

We are a newly founded auction wholesale company. We are buying truckloads of on line returned items. 30% of our inventory has been returned to the vendor never opened. It is in brand new condition. 65% has a missing part or has a scratch or a dent. The remaining 5% is beyond repair and is thrown out. We go through and inspect and put everything together so we know what we are selling. You never know what we will get. Plenty of new furniture, tools and other general merchandise.

 Check out our pictures or on facebook at: Woodruffauctionhouse.




Wholesale: Once we have opened up the items and put them together we will offer them for sale at a greatly reduced price from their original retail price. .

 No reasonable offer will be refused.

Auctions: After a few weeks of retail we will close the wholesale part and  have an auction and clear out what we have. We will be having about one auction every other month.  

 This will insure fresh new inevntory at our shop.


Contact us now! 419-576-7635

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